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We've got something for everyone on our safe, supportive We Connect Malta Facebook group - click here to join.


The classes are held either via Facebook Live or Zoom, or pre-recorded and available on YouTube. We share access to the class on the Facebook group at the time of the class, and give reminders beforehand. 


Take a look at this week's timetable below for some inspiration, and read on for more information about some of the different classes:

Tai Chi


This practice combines deep breathing and relaxation with flowing movements. Studies have shown that it can help people aged 65 and over to reduce stress levels and improve their posture, balance and general mobility, and increase muscle strength in the legs.

Insanity Full Body Workout 


A total body workout that requires no gym or equipment. You exercise right at home, using your own body weight for resistance. The programme is based on a fitness method called "max interval training."


In traditional interval training, you exercise at a very intense pace for a short period of time, and then rest for longer periods in between. The idea is to increase your aerobic fitness level.

KiryaAsana Yoga


This is a yoga meditation class which focuses on breath work and posture. The benefits include easing of hypertension, reduction of stress and potential reduction of depression. 


Mindfulness is evidence-based practice shown to reduce anxiety, worry and reactivity and to improve emotional awareness and resilience.


The Breakfast Brain Break 


Practical sessions to help you if your busy brain gets in the way of your ability to rest well (or sleep), focus on what you need to do, or connect with yourself and the ones you love to improve relationships.


Each week is a standalone session, but attending more than one might help you build the ability to do the practices more easily, on your own, as and when you need them in your real life:


For sanity in the supermarket queue

For accessing energy when everyone around you needs help

For saying what help you need and not trying to do it all yourself 

For soothing yourself at night


Using embodiment practices such as meditation, breath, movement, touch, imagination and sound.  Accessible for all bodies. No special equipment required.




Pilates is a series of exercises that lengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups in the body in a balanced fashion. It improves flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness.




A fitness programme that combines Latin and internation music with dance moves. It's a full body workout which helps you to burn calories, build endurance, improve cardiovascular fitness and blood pressure levels. Suitable for all fitness levels.


We look forward to you joining our classes! 


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