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- Our Mission -

To provide life-changing educational access and wellbeing guidance

Educate to Empower Programme

FIDEM believes in the transformative power of education, committed to enabling women and adolescent girls across Malta and Gozo to access life-changing learning opportunities.

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We Connect Project

We Connect provides a positive, safe online space where people across Malta and Gozo can come together as a community to prioritise their wellbeing and find happiness in every day.

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"Hear to Help"

We fund psychological support for vulnerable women referred to us within our networks, or approach us directly for assistance. Our aim is to enable these women to move forward positively.

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About Us

Transforming lives
through the power of education

The FIDEM Charity Foundation is a non-profit organisation providing support and empowerment opportunities to vulnerable people, particularly women, adolescent girls and children, across Malta and Gozo through life-changing access to education and wellbeing guidance.

We are registered in Malta under VO/1613.

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A Purpose Foundation

How We Work

Fidem Charity Foundation

We believe education is the most valuable asset in life. Our mission is to facilitate transformative educational opportunities for vulnerable groups.

Fidem Charity Foundation

Through educational opportunities, we aim to build the self-esteem and confidence of our participants so they can feel empowered.

Fidem Charity Foundation

Empowered with knowledge, our participants can find their wings and achieve their goals. Empowered with knowledge.

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Join the We Connect Community

A supportive and compassionate online community, where people come together to support each other with their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing through sharing their experiences. We Connect also offers free expert-led wellbeing focused online classes, guidance, tools and events.

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